Campaign Canvasser

We are looking for excellent neighborhood canvassers who will serve as official Indie representatives to promote, market, solicit, and increase the brand awareness of Indie Party Company. The canvasser will have exceptional communication skills with a results-oriented mentality. This is a direct engagement position that requires individuals who are self-starters and personally/professionally motivated to improve the political outcomes for communities throughout an assigned region. As a first point-of-contact, the canvasser must be able to serve with a high level of professionalism to represent the brand image, and also possess an openness to individuals from all backgrounds. The successful candidate will have the ability to learn about crypto-currency and block-chain technology (at a basic level), while utilizing technological platforms to enhance the mission and vision of the organization.


Canvasser Responsibilities Include:

  • Engage in face-to-face cold calling to acquire voters and donors for the Indie Party.
  • Learn the important information and history of the organization to deliver messages persuasively through door-to-door canvassing and gain donations and support.
  • Learn about the Indie Token and sign up new users.
  • Collect financial and demographic information of donors including cash, checks, and credit card info.
  • Take extra steps to further increase potential constituent base by educating those not currently ready to donate about the value of the organization and leaving supplied creative literature on how future support can be given (or earned).
  • Report all findings back to direct report daily including performance meeting daily goals, average donations, and bringing new sustaining members into the organization
  • Soliciting new contacts for Indie Party donations.
  • Engaging potential supporters – or new contacts – in conversations about the Indie Party.


  • Lives within the region of assignment
  • Must be at least 18 years of age; and a Permanent or Legal Resident of the U.S.
  • Preferred experience with community canvassing, but not required
  • Availability to work a flexible schedule
  • Ability to meet a set quota each week.
  • Working in a variety weather conditions.
  • Support the travel team at Indie Party events. Includes days, weekends, and some overnight travel.


Interested candidates should send cover letter and resume to work@indieparty.com



The Indie Party is a movement that changes how politics works. We believe all Americans should directly control the agenda through sharing their ideas, time, or money. Those resources are visible, balanced, and symbolized through the Indie Token. The Indie Token powers democracy by empowering real and immediate solutions that work. In turn, the people are finally represented Ð for good.



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