Resident Service Specialist

  • Pacific Housing Inc.
  • San Diego 92109
  • Jul 12, 2023
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Job Description


RESIDENT SERVICES DIVISION – reports to Resident Services Manager.

Community Education Specialist

Full Time


Also referred to as a Resident Service Specialist. Primarily responsible for marketing, planning, and implementing of resident service programs at assigned apartment communities ensuring compliance with the stated program objectives. Using interpersonal communication and a collaborative mindset, maintain professional relationships with site property management, community agencies, contracted service providers (if any), PHI, and a site’s residents. Expected to be innovative and accountable while gaining an understanding of the current resident services, resident demographics, needs of the resident base and support services within the market boundaries of the property. Provide direct resident services per regulatory agreement.

Sacramento Full Time: 40 hours a week, Monday – Friday. Must be willing to travel between Antelope, North Highlands, and Sacramento sites.

Sacramento Full Time: 35 hours a week, Monday – Friday. Must be willing to travel between Folsom and Sacramento sites.

Compensation: $16-$18 hourly rate

Competency Standards:

Marketing and Planning:

  • Utilizes creativity to engage community and increase participation from residents and community resources
  • Basic computer skills using Microsoft Word, Excel, and a design platform (Photoshop, Printshop, Canva, etc.)
  • Plan, organize, and produce events designed to promote community engagement, self empowerment, and/or exposure to local or federal resources

Interpersonal Communication:

  • Seeks resident and manager feedback, listens effectively, and provides honest, appropriate follow through and solutions
  • Takes personal responsibility for assisting residents with any issues raised and responds promptly
  • Ability to clearly and accurately communicate spoken, written and visually as well as displays confidence when interacting with residents, PHI team members, PHI supervisor and property team, including handling sensitive information appropriately
  • Resolves conflict in an appropriate manner and deals tactfully with differences of opinion with residents, PHI team members, PHI supervisor, and property team
  • Proactively provide resources to residents and address issues that have the potential to become behavioral problems in your programs

Innovative and Collaborative:

  • Seeks out management or other team member opinions before making decisions that will impact them, residents, and programming
  • Demonstrates ability to get along with others, is respectful of residents, participants, PHI team members, PHI supervisor, and property team
  • Takes the initiative to make improvements where possible and seeks opportunities for additional responsibilities
  • Delivers high quality results for the residents through program management, creativity, and resource research
  • Overcomes roadblocks/setbacks to deliver results for the residents and programming
  • Thinks outside of the box to achieve participation from internal residents and external resources

Accountable and Adaptive:

  • Demonstrates dedication to meeting the expectations and requirements of residents
  • Carries out administrative tasks, assigned responsibilities, and can meet goals and objectives
  • Seeks to achieve results which are in the best interest of the residents, programming, and PHI organization
  • Uses honest, appropriate, and trustworthy disclosure with residents, PHI team members, PHI Resident Services Manager, and property team
  • Accepts responsibility and acknowledges problems or mistakes and commits to necessary corrective action; Considers all sides of an issue before decisions are made
  • Become familiar with the operations, programs, and services offered in the local community and federally

Physical Abilities and Work Environment:

This position requires in-person physical presence at housing sites. It may require prolonged sitting, standing, walking, reaching, twisting, turning, kneeling, bending, squatting and stooping in the performance of work activities. It may require stair climbing at certain sites to meet with residents and distribute program fliers, as well as walking over uneven ground while performing site visits. The position also requires frequent grasping, repetitive hand movement and coordination in preparing fliers and promotional materials, reports and data using a computer keyboard. The need to lift, drag and push boxes of program materials, paper and documents weighing up to 25 pounds also is required.

The ideal candidate for this position has some work or volunteer experience, college education, or bachelor’s degree - preferably in early childhood education, social work, or other human services field; has a clean DMV record, is capable of clearing a national criminal background check, including fingerprint scans, and has at least two years of acceptable work history.

Reports to a Resident Services Manager and participates in the development and implementation of organization-wide policies and programs that will contribute to its overall success.

Emma Meyers - Resident Services Manager and Recruitment Specialist

If you have questions, contact: 916-638-5200

*Compensation may vary from stated amount in certain locations depending upon applicant pool. Exact location(s) to be discussed in interview process.