• Marbach America Inc.
  • Charlotte, NC 28273, USA
  • Aug 14, 2023
Full time Scheduler

Job Description



Associates, Bachelors or equivalent related work experience


Direct supervisor

Key Account Manager

Direct Reports





The scheduler is responsible for creating, planning and coordinating daily schedules to ensure better efficiency throughout the production process.


·       Create and organize a production schedule daily

·       Utilize CAD hours, production data and order values amongst other information to make decisions on order entry date.

·       Work closely with CAD lead/Production Supervisor to maximize return on CAD hours/Production hours.

·       Do production walkthroughs to determine whether ahead or behind schedule and how work can be balanced throughout the process in response.

·       Coordinate with CS team and let them know when shipping date should be.

·       Collaborate with different departments to make sure any issues related to scheduling are resolved.

·       Efficiently communicate schedules with other employees/departments to make sure everyone is aware and adheres to timelines.

·       Maintain accurate reporting and ensure all documentation is precise.

·       Primary point of contact for sales, shipping, customer service and production department to plan and create schedules to better serve our customers’ needs.

·       Ensures timely delivery of orders by planning and developing accurate schedules that can be adhered to.

·       Revises schedule as needed and alerts departments of delays and changes.

·       Participates in production meetings to get better understanding of order flow in production.

·       Monitor vacation/absenteeism in production to make informed decisions on changes to the schedule.

·       Monitor training/production/CAD abilities for changes to capacity.

·       Monitor machine uptime/downtime/additions for changes to capacity.

·       Participate in and plan timelines for special projects.

·       Work to improve scheduling system and document scheduling processes.

·       Perfoms other related duties as assigned by supervisor or CEO.

Physical Requirements: Able to lift up to 50 lbs occasionally (with assistance)

Prolonged periods of sitting at desk and be adaptable to a changing work environment.


Preferred Skills

Excellent communication skills.

Adaptable to a fast pace environment

Thorough understanding of the business

Strong problem solving and analytical skills

Computer Skills (able to manage internal software)

Excellent organizational skills.

Team work and independence are essential.

Proactive and excellent time management skills