Special Education Assistant, Bus Driver, Building Engineers, School Nurses, Custodial Assistants, Bus Attendants, Supportive Service Assistant

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  • Philadelphia (different areas of the city)
  • Apr 22, 2024
Full time Education

Job Description

Special Education Assistant: Assists students with various needs including behavioral needs, severe medical and/or mobility needs, who are medically fragile, and/or students with disabilities receiving special education services. Provides support and assistance to help students access the instructional program in school and community settings. Maintains a safe educational environment for students with activities of daily living, monitoring health and behavior.


Bus Driver: Operates a school bus for the School District of Philadelphia. Provides transportation to students, on regularly scheduled route, to and from school, to alternate sites during the school day and after school hours, and on school-sponsored field trips. Provides transportation to School District employees from and to selected work sites. Performs minor daily preventative maintenance to the vehicle as needed.


Building Engineer: Under the general supervision of the Facilities Area Coordinator is responsible for the operation, maintenance and security of the school plant to which assigned, both buildings and grounds.    Supports the coordinated requirements of the principal, staff and cafeteria personnel.  Performs services generally in an elementary school, (with some exceptions) with a buildings area greater than 100,000 square feet.   


School Nurses: Performs general duty nursing work. Provides comprehensive health assessments and problem management services to students in public, private and parochial schools for one or for a cluster of schools. Manages the school health program and maintains comprehensive health records for each student. Provides health counseling to students, parents and school personnel on issues designed to promote good health habits in students. Collaborates with school personnel and service providers in the community to meet individual students needs.


Custodial Assistants: Performs manual work of ordinary difficulty in cleaning and maintaining School District buildings and immediate grounds. Performs minor repairs on furniture and equipment, as well as uses power equipment to care for the grounds.


Bus Attendants: Monitors the activities of special education students while on buses in route to and from school. Maintains order and discipline on the bus to provide for the safe and secure transportation of students as well as ensuring that students board and leave buses in a safe and orderly fashion. Renders necessary basic first aid or other assistance to ensure the student’s well-being and safety. Provides routine assistance with receiving, logging, storing and issuing supplies and materials.


Supportive Service Assistant: Assists teaching and non-teaching staff in schools within the Title I program. Participates in a cooperative effort to support basic skills achievement of students who are economically or educationally disadvantage. Provides instructional assistance in the classrooms in major subject areas which include reading and mathematics and/or facilitative services to non-instructional staff in support of the program's overall objectives. Assists teachers in the preparation of and during instructional activities, and addresses the tutorial needs of students as identified. Assists staff in the development of parent workshops.